About the Director

Bishop Rev. Dr Chintha David John
MA (Litt), MEd, BD, DD, DMin, PhD

Rt Rev Dr Ch David John - Mile Stones in his 70 years

At 11 years - Primary Education Admission

At 22 years - Marriage

At 33 years - Father (Late Sri Chintha John) Veteran Evangelist Slept in the Lord

At 33 years - Called to continue Ministry after his father

At 44 years - Last Daughter born

At 55 years - 1stMissionary Travel to USA

At 66 years - 6thMissionary Travel to Spain (to attend “World Theological Conference”)

Important years to remember

1st visit to USA in 1991 (Washington D C)

2nd visit to Singapore of BWA Conference in 1992

retired from Govt Service in 1994

Full time Ministry of Throne of Grace Started in 1995

3rdvisit to USA in 1995 (New York)

Throne of Grace Theo-Seminary started in 1995

Throne of Grace Fellowship Church in 1994

4thvisit to USA in 1999 (Chicago)

5thvisit to Israel (Jerusalem Bethlehem) in 1999

6thvisit to Australia in 2000 (Melbourne)

7thvisit to Spain (World theo-Edu Conference) 2002

Vidya Ratna Award in 2002

Person of the in 2004 (American Bio Institute USA)

Family Particulars

5 Daughters, only 1 son (who is the registrar of TGTSM)

Wife Mrs Mary David, Rtd HM of Govt Primary School

9 Grandsons, 3 Grand daughters 12 (Tony, Sony, Mony, Bony, Cony, Rony, Honey, Denny, Kenny, Shiny, Crowny, Tiny)

5 Grandsons are Graduated in different fields

One Grandson is studying in France, Total Family Members are 26

Countries & Places Visited: 1. USA (3 times) (North America) Washington D C Virginia, New york, Chicago etc 2 Singapore, Malaysia (Asia) 3 Amsterdam, Netherlands, Spain, London (Europe) 4 Frankfort Germany (Europe), Milan (Italy) etc.


Throne of Grace Ministries Ordinations to Pastors, Widows Help


Throne of Grace Fellowship Church. All Denominational Pastors Worship

President/Exe. Director

Throne of Grace Theological Seminary & Ministries. Inc.

President/Exe. Director

Global United Theological Seminary. Correspondence Courses: BTh, BD, MTh, MDiv, MRE, DD, DTh, DMin, DLit, PhD and Honorary Degree Awards, and Vidya Ratna, Seva Ratna Title Awards etc.


Ordained Minister of AEGA, LA, USA


Morris Cerullo World Evangelisj, USA

Life Member

INDIAN Missionary Society


ICCC (International Chamber of Christian Council), Sweden.




The World for Jesus Ministries, VA, USA


Creflo Dollar Ministries, Australia


Pastoral Pulpit, Voice of True Grace, Root of David

Hon. Editor

Grace, 2nd Advent

International Marriage Licence Holder

Invitation/Visa Counselling

USA, Israel, Australia, Spain etc

Affiliation, Ordinations to deserving candidates on request

Role-played as Doctor of Law, in Daya Sagar, Hindi mega serial

Travelled through Globe, Attended many seminars/conferences of national and international several time

Teacher, Preacher, Writer and Theological Scholar

Blessed with Wife, Son, five daughters, five son-in-laws, one daughter-in-law, seven grandsons and three granddaughters

Future Ambition

To start a Residential Theological Seminary,to start Widows/oldage/orphans' home to provide water and food to poor in ruralareas